We are HBE clothing, a streetwear brand dedicated to ethically and environmentally responsible streetwear fashion.

Check your closet. Do you know where all your clothes come from and under what conditions they were produced? We don't  – and honestly, that is an issue. Fashion means self-expression, aesthetics, art, confidence and so much more. However, we should not forget that fashion is also a production good and leaves a massive footprint in our environment.

We as a team believe in the fact that the fashion industry can – and must – reduce its negative impact on our environment and society. But this doesn't mean that we don't love fashion or that we ask anyone to stop caring about style and looks. By creating a clothing brand which has a streetwear look while being sustainable, we want to offer an alternative to fast-fashion and maybe even revolutionize the fashion world towards a more thoughtful and responsible way of consuming clothes.

Therefore, we chose our company ethics to focus around sustainability, responsibility, streetwear and transparency. Simply, we care what we wear and founding HBE clothing is our way of encouraging you to join our vision and get onboard to transition into a new age of consuming fashion. 

Our founders,

Lisa, Paul and Johannes