HBE clothing x Niki Karagianni

Meet our Artists 

"I started taking photographs some years ago, in an effort to cope with stress. Through this process –and to my big surprise– more and more aspects of myself that I previously ignored, were revealed right in front of my eyes"

In 2020, we launched an open call to connect with artists from all around the world and asked them to share their vision of revolution with us. The format MEET OUR ARTISTS presents those artists, who lastly inspired our designs available in the first collection. 

Niki is a Greek photographer based in Budapest, Hungary and created the photographic series which we adopted on our tee 'What Role'. It's a meaningful piece with a whole lot of criticism about the expectations on fashion that are imposed upon us by society: "Frequently, our clothes dictate and are dictated by the social roles we want to adopt or are called to conform to. This phenomenon tends to distort our self-image, shape our value system and impact our identity, and can potentially lead to “getting trapped” by dress codes in order to fulfill inner needs such as the need for acceptance and belonging."

As a conceptual photographer, Niki has participated in exhibitions in Athens and Budapest and has founded an artist collective as part of an EU-funded project ("PeaceBox"). She has collaborated with musicians, bands and now with us! Check out more of Niki's work on Instagram or Pinterest