HBE clothing x Jason Balducci

Meet our Artists

"I always felt that I was different from others, kind of an outsider. During times when I preferred to spend my time alone, visual art was always a company and vehicle to make me feel part of something"

In 2020, we launched an open call to connect with artists from all around the world and asked them to share their vision of revolution with us. The format MEET OUR ARTISTS presents those artists, who lastly inspired our designs available in the first collection.

The artist of our "Woke Up" Tee, Jason Balducci, is Italian and lives between Toronto and Florence. Since art was brought to him years back, it has now become a tool for him to express his feelings where words aren't enough.

He describes his work and especially "Woke Up" with the following words: "Art has been my comfort and my refuge during the many moments I thought man was full of imperfections, and nothing or no one was really worthwhile. Being able to express myself through a painting, is a wonderful and unique sensation. In this painting I’ve tried to reflect states of the external world in communication with my inner state. A representation of outer existence through the expression of humans inner life."

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